Exit Survey
We need your input! 

With the new President and Congressional leadership on Capitol Hill committing to reduce regulatory burdens on small businesses, we must be ready to identify those regulations that most hinder your trucking operation. Our goal is to identify “Trucking’s 10 Least Most Wanted Regs” and we need your help to do so.

Without a doubt there are many things in trucking that need fixing, but this effort focuses only on regulations currently on the books or rulemakings that have been proposed.

Please choose from the list below to identify the 10 regulations you would MOST like to see repealed.  If you have one (or more) in mind that are not on the list, please use the “other” box and name or describe the regulation.

This effort is going to take all of us working together so encourage your trucking friends to fill out the survey and give us their input, too.  Join OOIDA; join the fight!